For Lenders

Fundever connects mortage brokers with commercial lenders. The system conveys high level information about mortgage profiles so you can quickly determine if you have interest in funding. This system saves time and money, and allows access to all geographical markets.

A few of the benefits for lenders are listed below:

  • Evaluate loan opportunities on a high level at no cost. You determine when the communication begins with a licensed broker.

  • Only communicate on deals that you have interest in funding. The lender is in control of the communication process.

  • There will be no need to write decline emails to one, or multiple inquiries.

  • Access a larger market. Evaluating deals on a high level will allow you to find a tailored fit for your portfolio.

  • Customize your search by geographical region, loan size, asset class, exist strategy, etc. Fundever is electronic business development.

  • Never see the same deal twice, and no need to respond on deals you have no interest in. It makes perfect sense.

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