For Brokers

Fundever connects Commercial Brokers with Commercial Lenders. Our system conveys information in a fashion that allows brokers and lenders to communicate on commercial mortgage profiles. This system saves all parties time and money, and increases borrower satisfaction.

A few of the benefits for brokers are listed below:

  • Fundever allows you to submit a simple mortgage profile for your commercial client to the vast majority of the lenders in Canada.

  • This standardized mortgage profile form allows lenders to quickly determine if they have an appetite for your deal.

  • Receive feedback from interested lenders only. You no longer need to wait for days or weeks only to hear that the lender doesn't do that type of loan any longer.

  • Fundever focuses on what loans lenders are funding today, not what they have done in the past.

  • Never get shopped again. When you take your offer of funding to your client, explain that their mortgage profile has been seen by a large portion of the market. This showcases your fiduciary duty, and adds value to your fee.

  • Fundever is only available to licensed brokers. This system supports the broker community as it is exclusive, and will remain exclusive to licensed mortgage brokers.

  • Fundever increases the value you bring to your client and sets you apart from in-house representatives at the bank.

  • Think you know all of the lenders already? New lender partners are constantly coming on the system, and the current ones change focus just as often.

  • Fundever is free to use, and increases your value to your client. It makes perfect sense.

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