For Borrowers

If you are a commercial mortgage client, and you have engaged the services of a mortgage broker, ask if they are using the Fundever system. Our system presents your mortgage profile to the our large lender marketplace transparently and quickly. Fundever is a tool that your mortgage broker uses to connect with a large number of Canadian Commercial Lenders. Your broker is in control of the deal at all times, Fundever simply allows them to get quicker and better reactions from the marketplace as a whole.

The Fundever Marketplace helps you access lenders and funding in the following ways:

  • Fundever presents your mortgage profile on an electronic platform to find a lender that is interested.

  • This expands your broker's options beyond their own sphere of influence and experience.

  • Fundever gets lenders to compete for your business. This yields the best possible terms and conditions for your prospective mortgage application.

  • It eliminates a tremendous time hurdle in the quest to find an interested lender.

  • No waiting to hear back from a lender that may not have interest. Find out which lender has a bonafide interest in funding your loan.

  • Fundever delivers faster turnaround time, and ensures your mortgage profile has been evaluated by a large group of lenders.

  • Fundever uses technology and streamlined communication to achieve faster and better results.

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